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The Retail Environment Out West

Friday, September 19, 2014

Dynamic Development’s CEO Damon Porter is featured in the latest issue of Western Real Estate Business. In WREB’s article, Porter provides insight into the goals and needs of the West’s most active retail tenants. He discusses popular locations, developing consumer bases, the Hispanic market, and many more topics that are important to Western realtors.

When addressing tenants’ hopes in expanding, Porter states, “There is a lot of diversification among the retailers currently expanding. Dollar General, Family Dollar, Vallarta Supermarkets, 7-Eleven, and WSS (formerly Warehouse Shoe Sale) have all been very active. The quick-service restaurant industry is also going strong.” This interview is published just in time for the upcoming ICSC Western Real Estate Show at the LA Convention Center, on February 5th.

Dynamic Development was chosen for this interview because the company leads the real estate market in helping retailers develop and expand in the West, including states like California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. The firm’s clients include Starbucks, Dollar General, 7-Eleven, and Vallarta Supermarkets.

Summarizing key points from the interview, Porter states, “We’re seeing the most development in areas where our tenants can exist without much competition, which is mostly in smaller markets many are looking to expand into areas where they haven’t already established a presence. We help them identify the best areas out West for that, where they are likeliest to thrive.”

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